Bamboo Flooring Details: Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring

If you are looking for a unique option in home flooring, strand-woven bamboo is a great choice. There are also many other advantages to this type of bamboo flooring, aside from its gorgeous appearance.

How it’s made
Strand-woven bamboo flooring is made from moso bamboo, which is the largest species of bamboo on the planet. The moso stalks are cut into pieces and boiled to eliminate the sugars that can attract termites. After the moso is dried, the stalks are high-pressure pressed with adhesive to produce solid planks.

How it looks
This unique type of bamboo flooring naturally has a distinctive pattern. You will find that each plank has rough-edged stripes, like that of a zebra, made up of light and dark browns. In a way, it resembles oak flooring, which has a similar yet smaller pattern with less contrast. If you prefer a more subtle look, strand-woven bamboo flooring has other blend options that will create a pattern more like oak.

Strand-woven bamboo is the densest type of bamboo flooring available. If you are concerned about damage to your home flooring due to high foot traffic, young children or pets, this is a great option that will resist scratches and dents. It can also be installed in a variety of ways including the floating floor method, nailing, or gluing to the foundation. This makes it a viable option for any budget. Lastly, strand-woven bamboo is even more eco-friendly than other types of bamboo flooring. Typically when planks are cut for standard bamboo flooring, there are smaller pieces left that will be thrown away since they are too small to use. Stand-woven bamboo planks use every single piece of moso, leaving behind no waste at all.

By Briana